Guadalupe Peak/Permian Basin/Carlsbad

West Texas – oil, heat and no restaurants.

It’s unusually bone dry and hot- considering its March I am certainly glad we didn’t come any later. There is a certain appeal to the desert, particularly the spruce trees and brittle rock formations as well as the alluring feeling of isolation.


Bridge on the way to Guadalupe Peak: (More like a hill)


El Capitan:                                           IMG_0157 IMG_0159

Trail run this next time?        IMG_0165

New Mexico is a beautiful and rugged state but its feeling of melancholy is unavoidable in its empty deserts and broken landscapes. Sunday was spent exploring Carlsbad Caverns. Here I experienced mix emotions; such awe and splendor juxtaposed with dimly lit-tourist friendly lights and featuring asphalt paths. We chose to ride the elevator down, explored for several miles, then elected to “earn” our way out by hiking up the more than 900′ out the natural entrance. Sure felt better than waiting in line.


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