Run Rabbit Run Trip Report

My big ultra running goal for 2017 has been Run Rabbit Run 100 – I finished, but wish I hadn’t?

So why do I feel worse after the race than before? It has to do with what Zach Miller describes as, “having no finish line.” Perhaps I thought that the magnitude of effort required to finish would have changed my current disposition in life (how, I didnt dare fathom), but it only exposed the gaping hole that ultra running has helped to fill.

Struggle, moral friends, feeling both needed and taken care of these are the fingers in the dam. The necessary things that make weathering the storm of life and existence not only bearable but worth drawing out for eternity. Should I continue down this path, knowing that my peaks are lifted and my valleys are lowered? Seeing as the only constant in life is the churning and the oscillations, why wouldn’t I want to lifted to the highest peaks and feel myself pushed down to the muddiest lows? Yes.

RRR gave me a 31 hours of this experience, and here’s how it wound down:

Morning of:

Shitty coffee and great friends, I woke up after a restless night of sleep and missed () 73 year old start. What a badass! I didnt warm up, because (duh).


I guess I don’t get nervous anymore, despite the coffee and . I try and envision the rest of the morning, but cant help but think about the dog – hoping he will be taken care of and wont miss me too much. As we grind up the first black diamond, my legs feel good and my breathing is easier.



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